Island Blush

A limited edition, dry, “Pink” wine. Made from a blend of our white grapes which has then been fermented on the skins of our Pinot Meunier grapes to produce this delightful wine. Crisp, refreshing, full of fruit flavour, it is easy drinking and will compliment a whole range of foods.

Mersea Mehala

A dry white wine, bursting with full aroma and the flavour of elderflower. Ideal as an aperitif or to serve with fish or white meats. Made from our Ortega grapes

Mersea Native

A dry white wine, fresh tasting with a slight acidity. An excellent choice to go with fish or white meats. Made using our Reichensteiner grapes.

Mersea Sparkling

A fruity Brut sparkling wine, made using the traditional method. An excellent celebration or party wine. A blend of our Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier and Reichensteiner grapes.

Summer Days

A medium dry white wine, with a small amount of residual grape sugar, making this wine easy drinking on any occasion. Made from our Muller Thurgau grapes. 

Mersea Island lies between the estuaries of the Blackwater and Colne rivers, about nine miles south of Colchester.

The present Mersea Island Vineyard was established in 1985. Today there are about ten acres, five grape varieties, producing some twenty thousand bottles each year.Image

2000 Years of Winemaking

Legend has it that the Romans grew grapes on the Island and with its gently sloping, south facing fields, the vineyard is still the perfect place for vines. Mersea Island vineyard offers a range of white wines from very dry to when conditions on the Vineyard have allowed it sweet desert wine. There is even a superb sparkling wine, produced using the authentic ‘Methode Champagnoise’ secondary fermentation process.

Purchasing Our Wines

Our Wines can be purchased at the Vineyard from the Courtyard Cafe. Or from the following local outlets: Bonners Barn, The Company Shed, Mixing Bowl Deli.